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Write Your Life Story in 28 Days

There's a growing movement to pass on our stories to family and future generations, but it sometimes seems like an overwhelming task. Now it doesn't have to be! Write Your Life Story in 28 Days provides 1 or 2 easy exercises each day to guide you in documenting the highlights and important events of your life. Writing and publishing information is provided as well, to help you complete a well-written book that you'll be proud to offer to family and friends. This book will help you leave a legacy: the legacy of a lifetime ... your lifetime!
• Divide a seemingly difficult task into 28 easy exercises
• Offer writing tips for those who think they're not writers
• Provide hundreds of topics to help jump-start your memories
• Suggest other extras that will make your book even more unique
• Offer options on how to bind or publish your completed book
• Give you the tips and tools to record the relevant stories of your life

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Raise Confident and Responsible Kids

Finally, a parenting book that doesn't require a degree in psychology to understand, or hours of dedicated reading time to complete. Raise Confident and Responsible Kids contains 111 common-sense ideas for raising kids you'll be proud to claim as your own! The tips are categorized into sections on: Love, Communication, Example, Discipline, Encouragement, People Building, Respect, Responsibility, Self Esteem, Time and Values. Each idea presents a technique for handling a particular situation, building confidence or teaching responsible behavior. On each page is space to record how you will—or have—put the idea into practice.

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